How To Prune Chrysanthemums

So you ask, when is the best time to prune Chrysanthemums? Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are beautiful flowering plants. Most garden mums are perennials plants, if pruned correctly and at the right time they will bloom year after year.

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Tips For Growing Healthy Mums!
In mid-summer, June or July, don't forget to cut off new flower buds. This is a fall blooming plant, so you don't want summer blooming.

It's best not to let your mums grow above 8 inches. Mums like to grow out, not tall.         

Don't forget to water your plants regularly. The warmer the weather the more thirsty your plants will be. Potted plants require more frequent watering.
Healthy plants are the result of good soil. A little fertilizer is recommended, plants need to eat too.

When plants are done flowering and winter is upon you, cut the plants all the way down. If your winters are harsh, cover with a few inches of mulch to protect plant from freezing.  

Pruning Mums For Winter